Who am I?
Why am I here?
What am I doing?
A girl with a knack for fun, and animals. I love horses, and humpback whales, but my favorite animal is by far a 'red panda'. 97 is the luckest number in the world, next to 12, of coarse, and thus 'Redpanda97' was born! The signature username is what I have always been known as, and often 'red' for short. It has seemed to show up in almost everything I do, so when a friend suggested making a website over the summer, what else would I have themed it? :}
Like I said, making a website wasn't exactly on the 'list of things to do that summer', so the best explination I have for the population is: Entertainment? ;}
(Yes, it's amazing.)
 Peolple ask: Why red panda?
I tell them, for lack of a better answer: I don't know. They're...cute, fun, unique, and reflective of who I strive to be, i guess.
This picture, (to the left) is of a red panda. Red pandas are thought to be part of the racoon family, but they really are part of the panda family. These animals live in  the mountains of Nepal and northern Myanmar (Burma) as well as in central China. Red pandas are usually in the tree tops, looking for food. They sometimes eat bamboo, but unlike thier larger relatives, they also eat roots, fruit, acorns, and eggs. Sadly, red pandas are endangered, due to deforestation.
So, where to?
'Redpdna97' is found on a few different websites, but MAINLY Club Penguin, and Howrse. (Don't hate: Club Penguin was years ago.) You can't find me on Club Penguin very often, but you CAN find me on Howrse. If you don't know what that is, it is time you do. The website is amazing, and I will urge everyone I know who is a horse lover and means it to get one. It doesn't cost a penny and is, I would argue, one of the best virtual horse games out there. When you go to make your account, sign me up as your sponsor, and then please FIND me! I axcept all friend requests.
If you happen to have one, searching Redpanda97 in the directory will take you straight to my page. :} I return congrads.
Information about the Site:
1. Random music WILL play. :'}
2. Please don't bully/tease/insult/etc. on this website. I created the site for fun, and would like it to stay that way.
3. Please don't give away personal information or adverisments on this site. They will be deleted and/or the author blocked.
4. The 'Summer Page' comes about every summer, and is only there in the summer, because that is the only season I have time for updates.
5. Please do not ask me for personal information.
6. References to Howrse, CP, or any other websites are welcome, along with suggestions for other obsessions. :'}

The Oreo Game?
I found out about this game over vacation this year, have any of you herd of it? I think it's a country thing or somthing. It's called the 'Oreo Game'.

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